West Wyalong Work Experience Project Program

This club took the initiative to develop a programme in conjunction with the Rotary Club of West Wyalong for the purpose of providing opportunity for Vocational experience to youth in co-operation with the schools of West Wyalong. The programme has run continually with outstanding success for the past five years.

Youth Exchange: Making a World of Difference

This year, about 7,000 young people will see the world the way it is meant to be seen - from the inside out - through a Rotary Youth Exchange program. This could be your year! As a Rotary Youth Exchange student, you will spend a year living with a host family in a country other than your own. You may learn a new language; you will learn a new way of living — and a great deal about yourself. But there’s more. While you’re busy learning, the people you meet will be learning, too — about your country, your culture, and your ideas. You will be a young ambassador. You will be helping to bring the world closer together — and you will be making some good friends in the process. If you are ready for the challenge — and the rewards — of living in another land as an Exchanges student, then you are ready to discover new worlds through a Rotary Youth Exchange program.

Hope Cottage – Hospice for Nepean District Hospital

After 9 years of fundraising and meeting the demands of building a residential facility on Government land a dream has finally become reality. Hope Cottage has been a fully functional residential facility since May 2005.

With the help of many contractors, Hope Cottage, a $1.4m project was built for just over $900,000. Chairman of The Cottage Trust, Frank Portelli said "we are indebted to these organisations for sharing our vision and providing us with skills and materials to make our dream a reality.

To the many groups and individuals who have donated money to the fund, we also thank you for without your contributions we would not have completed the project.

As Rotary International celebrates its 100th year of Community Service, Hope Cottage is the joint Centennial project of the Rotary Clubs of Nepean, Penrith and Penrith Valley and our gift to the people of Penrith and country New South Wales who will be able to use this wonderful facility."

Donations in Kind - D.K.S.

The club regularly attends the distribution depot , contributing to the salvage packing and distribution of well needed used medical equipment to less fortunate foreign countries in our neighbourhood.

Rotary Youth Leadership Awards - RYLA

Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA), Rotary's training program for young leaders, emphasizes leadership, citizenship, and personal growth.

Attendees at RYLA Camps participate in a week long programme designed to enable them to:

...Share an inspiring experience with tomorrow's future leaders?

...Mentor youth to further develop their talents and abilities?

...Help youth accomplish personal goals through teamwork.

Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment - RYPEN

This program is aimed for that large group of, both Boys and girls, aged 14 to 16 years, who have shown some qualities of decency, courage, persistence, sincerity and application in everyday life, which deserve further development.

The principle aim is to communicate to young people a series of ideas, problems and social experiences which will assist them in forming their own values and moral standards and to broaden their horizons culturally, socially and academically during a weekend live-in camp.

RYPEN aims for the average student and not for the outstanding few.

Model United Nations Assembly - MUNA

Rotary Model United Nations Assembly or MUNA is all about building bridges of goodwill for world peace and understanding in the minds of our youth.

Regrettably many leaders have exploited differences of race, religion and nationalism among their followers simply to consolidate their own power.

MUNA challenges our youth to respect and tolerate differences of race, religion and nationalism whilst retaining their own individualism and the best of their national traditions.

The Rotary Foundation

The mission of The Rotary Foundation is to enable Rotarians to advance world understanding, goodwill and peace through the improvement of health, the support of education and the alleviation of poverty. The Rotary Foundation is a not-for-profit corporation that is supported solely by voluntary contributions from Rotarians and friends of the Foundation who share its vision of a better world.

The Foundation was created in 1917 by Rotary International's sixth president, Arch C. Klumph, as an endowment fund for Rotary "to do good in the world." It has grown from an initial contribution of US$26.50 to more than US$117.9 million contributed in 2004-05. Its event-filled history is a story of Rotarians learning the value of service to humanity.

The Foundation's Humanitarian Programs fund international Rotary club and district projects to improve the quality of life, providing health care, clean water, food, education, and other essential needs primarily in the developing world. One of the major Humanitarian Programs is PolioPlus, which seeks to eradicate the poliovirus worldwide. Through its Educational Programs, the Foundation provides funding for some 1,200 students to study abroad each year. Grants are also awarded to university teachers to teach in developing countries and for exchanges of business and professional people.

Australian Rotary Health Research Fund

The story of the Australian Rotary Health Research Fund is an exciting one, from its inception to the present time, but it is a story that can never be up to date, for it is evolving as you read. It has involved the vision of many dedicated Rotarians who worked to give it life and nurture it, to see it blossom into an amazing national community service project for Rotary.

Many have felt the need for a project that could unite Rotary in Australia and give it a focus worthy of the men and women of our membership. The ARHRF does just that and obviously has been welcomed, as evidenced by the marvellous support given by them.

Following discussions with a key figure in "Cot Death" research at the Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne, it was decided that after initial and major grants to "Cot Death" projects, the Fund would support a wider concept of health research. There are many aspects of community health that urgently require research and the Rotary Fund was in a position to perform a valuable service to the community by sponsoring research into otherwise neglected areas.

Likewise "Health", as envisaged in the Australian Rotary Health Research Fund, should encompass a wider vision and include all aspects of community health. Our intentions are to be a catalyst for projects that will improve the quality of life for those least able to assist themselves.

Organisations in the community we have supported:

Life Education Centre

Mission West

Medic Alert

Life Line

Bangla Aussie Smile

Bali Eye Project

Hope for the Children Fund

Inner Wheel Club of Nepean

N.S.W. Sports Council for the Disabled

Penrith Community Kitchen

The Luke Priddis Foundation

Nepean Area Disabilities Organisation (NADO)

Riding for the Disabled (Nepean Charter)

Camp Victory

Wentworth Young Peoples' Programme

Shelter Box Australia

Australian Foundation for Disability (AFFORD)

Rotary Youth Driver Awareness (RYDA)

Australian Rotary Health Research Foundation

Thorndale Foundation

Red Cross Children's Hospital (Johannesburg, South Africa)

Motor Neurone Disease Association