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History of Youth Service 

Club judged winner of District Service to Youth Award for 1996/97 and 1997/98

1993/4 David Rolle was Director. Three students took part in the Rotary Youth Transition Seminar(RYTS), two students went to the Rotary Youth Program for Enrichment (RYPEN) and two to the Rotary Youth Leadership Award seminar (RYLA).

1994/5 Peter Richards was Director. The Club continued to sponsor students to RYTS,RYPEN and RYLA, and commenced involvement with the Siemens Summer Science School and the CRA Science School in Canberra. Assistance was given to Camp Quality, as well as disadvantaged students from isolated areas.

1995/6 Elsie Cummins was Director. The Club participated in RYTS, RYPEN, RYLA, the Model United Nations Assembly (MUNA), and Science Summer Schools. Six Youth Encouragement Awards were made to young people with varying intellectual and physical capabilities. Theatre nights were held for fund raising for youth programs.

1996/7 Elsie Cummins continued as Director. All the Youth Service programs of the previous year were maintained. The Club supported a team of four young people to the Rotary Conference for New Generations at Griffith University. Assistance was given to Adam Ariel to help him with his interest in cycle racing. A highlight of the year was the receipt of the District Award for service to youth.

1997/8 Elsie Cummins continued as Director and maintained the programs of the previous year. In addition two students participated in the Adventure and Citizenship 1998 Award involving two weeks in the National Capital, Canberra. Once again Elsie's leadership resulted in the Club receiving the District Award for Youth Service.

1998/99 John Selsby was Director.  Students were sponsored to participate in the Rotary Youth Leadership Award, Rotary Youth Transition Seminar and Rotary Program of Enrichment. The Club took part in the South Pacific Matched Exchange.  Youth Encouragement Awards were presented to Karen Johnson, Matthew Symons, Judith Black and Shaun Andrews.

1999/2000 Michelle Rowsell was Director. Youth Encouragement Awards were presented to Emma Woods (Trinity Lutheran Primary School), Joelle Williams (St. Hilda"s School) and Neil Hand (Mirikai Drug Rehabilitation Centre). Guest speakers on Youth issues were Sue Southcombe (Arundel Primary School) and Peter Fox (Life Education Centre).
The Club arranged for Tim Sizmur to attend the Siemen"s Science School; Hamish Robertson the RYLA seminar: Rachel Kloedon the RYTS seminar; Erin Fredericks the RYPEN seminar and Erin Fredericks, Sadaf Sadegh-Dizzi and Scott Casey were nominated as our MUNA debating team. Fund raising was by means of a Fashion Parade and a Dinner at Olsens. Donations included Seasons for Growth, Gold Coast Project for Homeless Youth, Life Education and Project Australia.

2000/2001 Allison Hiscocks was Director until her resignation, when Michelle Rowsell took over this responsibility. Fund raising of $913 resulted from a special night at Holy Mackerel Restaurant. These funds were allocated towards costs of youth camps, financial support for Musgrave Hill and Ashmore Schools Chaplaincy Fund and Fusion Youth.  Youth Encouragement Awards were presented to Christie King (School Captain - Emmanuel College - Primary) and Shane Worker (President - Fusion Youth).
Carla Knight attended R.Y.L.A.; Aaron White R.Y.P.E.N.; Ryan Jones, Brendan Collis and Neveen Ayad from Trinity College represented us at MUNA and Mitchelan Janke (Aquinas College) and Matt Bottomley (Saint Stephens) attended the National Science Forum.

2001/2002  Ken Alderton was Director. The Club sponsored participants for the Rotary Youth Leadership Award, National Youth Science Forum and Model United Nations Assembly.
Youth Service Report for year

2002/2003 Rob Trenerry was Director and report of his committee may be found here

2003/2004 Sel Hardy was Director. Jema Young and Nathan Farr were sponsored for RYLA; Liam Teh and Melinda Wheeler were sponsored to the National Youth Science Forum in Canberra. The Families of Rotary were recognised with numerous social activities throughout the year, including Guess Who's Coming to Dinner for the Rotary Foundation; Breakfasts in the Park, etc

2004/2005 Sel Hardy was Youth Service and Family of Rotary Director.  Sel's report for the year may be found on page 4 of the Annual Reports

2005/2006 Mike Bottomley was Youth Service Director. Mike's report for the year may be found here.
Annual Reports for the year may be found here.

2006/2007 Sel Hardy served as New Generations Director for the year.  Sel's report may be found here.
Annual Reports for the year may be found here.

2007/2008 Ron Wilson was Youth Service Director.  2007/2008 reports

2008/2009:  Ron Wilson was Youth Service Director and his report may be read here.




Elsie Cummins, President of Parkwood Rotary Club, reported to the changeover dinner on 3 July, 1999 that 110 teachers in 26 schools had been trained in the principles of Peer Support under the program operated by the Club.  She went on to report that the Department of Education in Queensland has commenced a program with similar objectives, giving the Club the satisfaction of having achieved a worthwhile goal in this regard.

The aim of Peer Support is to help primary and secondary school students to develop confidence, self-esteem and self awareness and the ability to resist peer group pressure.  As well it aims to improve communication between teachers and students, between older and younger students and between teachers, students and parents.
The Peer Support Foundation of Victoria Ltd.



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